house shot pattern

When you walk into your local bowling alley and start bowling you are most likely bowling on a house shot. The house shot is the regular oil pattern that is put down on the lane for open bowling. This is usually 18mL of oil and is a very simple shot for experienced bowlers. It becomes very easy to predict what your ball will do on a house shot and scores were becomeing very, very high. Because of these extremely high scores Sport Bowling was introduced in 2000. Sport Bowling is described below, but basically it is just more difficult oil patterns to help keep scores down and keep bowling about technical skill.

the sport shot

Sport Bowling was introduced in 2000. Sport Bowling lane conditions are more highly regulated and are more controlled than your traditional house shot. These sport patterns use oil farther down the lane and a heavier volume of oil. These lane conditions are used at the PBA major championships and are also used for collegiate bowling.

Sport shots make it more difficult to have your ball hook the way it would on a house shot. Some sport shots can have almost 50 feet of oil (that's 5/6 of the lane), while some shots come up really short and have 37 feet of oil which causes bowlers to put less hook and throw a straighter ball.

To learn more about sport shots, read my blog as I will be describing the shots that I have and will bowl on as the upcoming collegiate season starts soon.